Local Nomad ‘Getting Old is a Bitch’ : Soul searching for meaning and the angst of not getting there fast enough.

Local Nomad / Photo: Kim Youngsun

Local Nomad has announced his upcoming self-titled EP with the release of the new single, ‘Getting Old is a Bitch’.

A Long Island New York native, Michael Desmond is the driver for this one man project. With it, he wields a whole new set of possibilities for his art and musical ambitions. With ‘Getting Old is a Bitch’, the listener gets to delve deep into the honest and human thoughts and projections, within one man, one heart, one excitement for the world ahead.

Local Nomad’s sound is marked by soulful vocals, ethereal synths, and lustrous drum beats where the project draws influences from bands like Tears for Fears, Elvis Costello, and Phil Collins, to curtail the auspicious wrangling of a soul searching for meaning and the angst of not getting there fast enough.

‘Getting Old is a Bitch’ was inspired by Desmond’s grandmother, a 91-year-old Italian immigrant who made it through the Great Depression, the loss of her husband, and breast cancer, and fought for her family every step of the way. Growing up, Michael would often hear her say: “Invecchiare è una cagna” – which translates to “getting old is a bitch”, as she’d talk about the life that she wished she could have had, and the challenges of being a woman at the turn of the century.

“This is a satirical song that reflects on inner youth and the unstoppable force of aging over time,” Michael explained. “It’s about acceptance of the past and understanding that although life comes with pain, it’s all about being grateful for what we do have.”

The EP will drop, June 19th.

Let’s mark our little calendars, shall we??

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