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LOCREANCE Shares ‘Oceanblood’. “Where experimental sounds are hit with jolts of inspiration”.

Off of their newly released self-titled full-length album, LOCREANCE wakes you up with a brighter ‘future’. The hiphop/alt/rock band is fabulous in that they combine so many genres, to offer a variety of new sounds and angles to music making (and not just to combine them, for just the sake of it).

Dipping into the best tradition of new-wave definitions, then bringing forth the essence of the Beastie Boys & Eminem, in ‘Oceanblood’ is a decadent ‘truth telling’. From formidable looping and lyrical expertise, the band makes the horizon more real, as the fascinating colors in this single transport and ‘comfort’ in a unique way.

This continues in their new 11 track album, where experimental sounds are hit with jolts of inspiration, then pulled back to more traditional angles of hiphop, rock, and word-smithing.

Get in for the rock, get mauled by the poignant lyrics, then love it all for the energy and gang-buster revelry.

Give LOCREANCE a go. Get off that ‘day-to-day’.



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