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Lodato X PollyAnna // Alexandros Kilias // Ryan Helsing // Duphi // WHOISJODY

Lodato X PollyAnna – Sober

NY native LODATO offers up his first for 2019 with ‘Sober’ featuring PollyAnna. With rousing vocals and intense atmospherics, LODATO makes it happen once more with this scintillating single. Dance as you feel the dynamic pair strike up a conversation with delightful and bouncing bass-lines and vocal excellence. PollyAnna blissfully delivers magnitudes of fun, as the frame of this delectable single chants and taunts, depending on what you feel like. Infectious tunes like this makes a day worth getting up for. Festival calendar is near – watch out.

Alexandros Kilias – Water

ALEXANDROS KILIAS offers up parts of his younger days in an eclectic blend of keys and synth-acrobatics via ‘Water’. The days when he’d decided to move to the UK from Greece, was when his decision to offer up his own original music to the world, was born. His inspiration comes from afar and from near, as his environment had changed, his music continues to evolve in a space wielding expanse of emotions and outcroppings. His debut album ‘The Weybridge Diaries’ is 8 glorious singles, attributable to many facets of his life, from dreams to actual existence in this time of music and flaunt. ‘Water’ exists to divide and challenge far away desires. Alexandros describes how he’s traversed those challenges in delectable and digital morsels.

Ryan Helsing – Decaying Flower

Digital dreams encapsulate his musical habits and ultimate ambitions. The sultry demeanors of the keys struck in RYAN HELSING’s single ‘Decaying Flower’ embodies a ‘wholeness of truth’. It delights in touching every facet of the body, and soul, with wisps of chords, melancholic but refined. Atmospheric, and space-entranced. Riotous, without foam mouthed fervor. Calm across a pond of notions, the waves reverberate with a gentle bat of the eyes, deeper and deeper, and deeper. Stated RYAN HELSING: “I love producing fun and atmospheric instrumental music when I’m not coding. I like building unique soundscapes and beats that transport me to entirely novel emotional head spaces.” Indeed Ryan. Indeed. Ryan’s almost ready with his 15 song offering.

Duphi – Unconditional Love

Tuschan Phillips aka Duphi hits the streets running as his single ‘Unconditional Love’ and makes headway a thing, with Leisure Music Productions by his side. The synth strong 80’s retro-wave tinted single, controls the future with mellow arcade-like sensibilities and elements. Electro groove, always included. ‘Music in his heart’ is his invention. DUPHI’s wants to share in this beauty with the world around him. With dynamic percussions leading the way, ‘Unconditional Love’ is a journey through a thicket of jungle, wrapped around the airy effervescence in life, love, and the limited purpose of being and growing. Out of the darkness, comes through the light of bass drums, accelerating and forging, as the layers of cello synths, drag out the vapid and misgiving. It is meant to be. Life is meant to be. Be with DUPHI.

WHOISJODY – SHOW ME (Extended Version)

Dutch producer/DJ WHOISJODY keeps it sprinning with scrumptious future-house showcase ‘Show Me’. Mesmerizing, exciting, teasing, beautiful – the rounds of beats, excel with profound love and affection. And as the 80’s tinged vocal loop gets you to another level of ecstasy, you can’t help but be transported to another dimension of vibrating sonic excellence. Drive, you fool. Drive. The deep beats of WHOISJODY can’t be denied as the ethereal vibe never escapes this enclosed decadence. This melodic production gaps the difference between multiple genres, with carbon dripping of delight and pure desire.


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