Logan Child ‘Time and Change and a Good Woman’ : Take a look-see.

Logan Child

Classic intro chord progression gets you comfortable, right away. You get ready for the trek to embark. Logan Child’s single ‘Time and Change and a Good Woman’ off of his LP ‘Late Nights And Long Days Alone’ is a personal journal of thoughts and emotions, so very close to many of us in the same predicaments.

Poetic, in love or loss, Logan’s honesty flows effortlessly in his guitar strums and vocal attentions. A Neil Young-like vacuousness, charms with the aromatic confidence of story and story-telling. Tragedy can be overcome; overcome with grief and maybe salvation, at the end of it all.

But it’s not guaranteed. And Logan says that’s alright. As long as you are in the genuine place to give yourself to the craft, the life, the moment in time – of where you sit. He wants you to make it better for yourself. Even in this personal chaos. This is a fabulous single, indeed.

Take a look-see of this Charlotte, North Carolina based talent.


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