Logan Child ‘We’ve Got the World’ : A supposition of what if’s and why not’s comes to play.

Logan Child

Logan Child is an artist who’d been hurt. He’d been hurt by the crisis or state of the world today. The world will and always have had much distress, tragedies, and injustices. But just like many on this earth, feel the quality and quantity of tragedies have increased much so in 2020.

Logan, as expected, digs deep into his thoughts and does what can help quell the angst that permeates. ‘We’ve Got the World’ tries to do this in a minimal and journal-like entry. A supposition of what if’s and why not’s comes to play in the lyrics of Logan’s single.

Poetic, in love or loss, Logan’s honesty flows effortlessly in his guitar strums and vocal attentions. A Neil Young-like vacuousness, charms with the aromatic confidence of story and story-telling. Tragedy can be overcome; overcome with grief and maybe salvation.

There are no quick answers. But being thoughtful and looking at the facts, should be the start of something better.

At least that’s the wish.

Logan is hurt, but wishes everyone well.


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