Logan Fox ‘This Heart of Mine’ : Will he ultimately receive such bounty, through this turbulence?

Logan Fox

Logan Fox’s music is deep and decadent as you can get. ‘This Heart of Mine’ is a plea, of which no amount of familiar consolation can calm. It’s his, and there can never be understanding that can collide with empathy and warmth. But it’s what we all want. That touch of humanity. That touch of salvation.

Will he ultimately receive such bounty, through this turbulence?

Said Logan: “Its a song rooted deep in self reflection bring a sense of warm compassion to the familiar regrets we all carry with us.”

Off of his latest EP, ‘Far Past Gone’, Logan dwells in a three prong convection in attitude, reverence, and inquiry. But dusting off the granules of life and existence, Logan’s venerable vocals, delicately contrast through the haze, and somehow helps you make sense of it all.

Decency glows from the album and of ‘This Heart of Mine’.

Lovely, indeed.


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