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Logan McKillop // Earthquake Lights // The Real Shade // Sunbather // Andrée Theander

Logan McKillop – The Learning Curve

Logan McKillop is a folk singer/songwriter and storyteller based in Onanole, Manitoba (Canada). And doesn’t that description have a charm and a nice ring to it? That’s where Logan’s beautifully crafted depth comes from. And you can say part of what he is built on that sense of the revitalizing energies of those dew draped mornings of those places that we all dream of becoming, within our souls. Cleansing of the world around us, Logan’s instantly affectionate incantations, make us pause at what seems to be the gray of life, to turn a brighter color that we’d forgotten on the road. From his 2013 debut, he continues to drive with conviction and truth through his latest sophomore album ‘Anchorless’. Logan rolls with the punches, and smiles at the good things he has in his life. And in ‘The Learning Curve’ we can hear that appreciation and contentment, in the folds of his lyrical language. It’s a delightful piece that we all should experience.

Earthquake Lights – So Far No Luck

EARTHQUAKE LIGHTS is built around Myles Rodenhouse, Stephen Helms, James DiGorlamo, Cam Underhill, Evan Douaihy. And in ‘So Far No Luck’, the single conserves nothing to chance, in contradiction to the powers of its title. The premise is an open ended letter to the powers that be, and have ever become in this vast Universe of insipid tragedies and losses. Our loss. Your loss. Never amounting to nothing. But all of it made to keep the industry of lady luck humming. In a no-one-wins kind of world, small wars are battled from mile to mile, in excruciating pain and agony, through the jungles of personal inadequacies and externally uncontrollable labyrinths. But one stands out as a beacon of hope. When Myles’ voice hits the highs, as he enters the kingdom of the chorus, you’re swept away with zero care. The shifting breeze and ambience of the song, deluge your cement hardened cynicism, and you become fans of what life really is about – once again. With a soft-rock tradition, baked into each strand of DNA, we sit here and listen. Again and again. Beautiful single and a beautifully symbolic video. Kudos, all around.

The Real Shade – Rally Cry

Green with envy? Nope. Green with energy for the future tomorrow. THE REAL SHADE brings this sunshine and sun-showers refresher of a single in ‘Rally Cry’. Attuned to the San Francisco psyche of the 60’s mentality, the colors evaporate and deliver the rainbow of goodness that each beat has enveloped. The Toronto based indie-pop band takes up roots with their sweet harmonies and delightfully airy make-up. Straight forward and honest, the band keeps to their formula of fun and engaging emphasis of and for life. ‘Rally Cry’ is a single included in their 2018 album ‘Horizon Diaries’.

Sunbather – Spring

SUNBATHER is a DIY project that surprises. Joseph Picataggio is SUNBATHER and his charming way of weaving new-wave like heat with the delectable layering of feelings and emotions, captivate. And as you drive deeper into the production of ‘Spring’, the souring shoegaze dream-pop exposition delivers with stronger and stronger elements, that weren’t advertised in the beginning of the song. It’s a surprise of a sort, as we’d mentioned. The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pennsylvania originating Durham, North Carolina based artist is here, and is ready for every bigger stages to play. Joseph’s been putting out songs since his debut EP ‘Intrapersonal’ in 2016, but we feel this is the most emotive of his offerings, as it stirs and stirs some more. The gravity of this song is apparent and we’re glad we got to witness it in all its glory.

Andrée Theander – Words I’ve Never Used

Härnösand, Sweden based indie-rock singer/songwriter Andrée Theander takes the night to another level as his single ‘Words I’ve Never Used’ digs you out of your doldrums and get you to take the night with gusto. The world is there for you to cease and make your own. Take the inspirations of this single and never look back again. It’s onwards and forward only this time, you hear! With aesthetics and harmonies reminiscent of the 80’s/90’s rock-pop scene, the hooks bring down the house. From what we gather from Andrée’s social, the light-hearted and playful artist takes things with full embrace, as he does his music. Life is too short and Andrée knows this – accepts it – and does his best to enhance it to the best he knows how. We think that’s where his honesty and delight shines through.


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