Logan Prescott ‘How We Wanted’ : Stress and personal challenges, melt away like buttery memories.

Logan Prescott

Dallas-based indie pop artist Logan Prescott returns with his 80s vibes in ‘How We Wanted’. Wonderful tinge of love and expectations, drips like rain in this latest single, while the world of stress and personal challenges, melt away like buttery memories.

In times of quarantine and isolation, ‘How We Wanted’ yearns for better days and resolves to its frank reality with the help of plucky guitars and dreamy synths, while being swept up in the “what ifs” of vocoders and poppy melodies.

With beautiful vocals, caressing of all that is you, it’s a difficult proposition not to be in love with ‘How We Wanted’.

Look for Logan this summer on the front page of Splice for his game-changing Modern Pop Vocals sample pack.


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