Lois Rae Smith ‘Skin and Bone’ : She is now ready to share her heart. She has. It’s for you. It’s for her. It’s for all.

Lois Rae Smith

“This song is for anyone who has ever loved and lost. For me, it’s about that empty feeling when you have tried so hard to make something work but you can’t. This is my debut single and for that reason I wanted to make sure it really made its mark and delivered as a song that embodies the raw and authentic heartbreak that everyone experiences at some point in their life.”

Lois Rae Smith’s soft and delicate exterior is juxtaposed with the authentic soul and substance that her music truly encapsulates.

Her songs evoke the kind of raw and heartfelt emotion that has seen critics draw comparisons to the likes of Adele, Lana Del Rey and Lewis Capaldi. Her passion to create an authentic connection with her audience led her to draw inspiration from real life experiences when writing her music.

She is now ready to share her heart.

In ‘Skin and Bone’ she has. It’s for you. It’s for her. It’s for all.

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