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Lokki Shares Beautiful New Track ‘Breathe A Breath Of Me’. New EP ‘Cirrhi’ Drops March 16.

Lokki did it again with sharing another absolutely gorgeous piece ‘Breathe A Breath Of Me’. The spiritual rendition is even more beautiful than his previous single ‘I Catch You’. And with this latest offering, the listener will reach a point when the some of the unfair internal expectations of the world – she calms down – like the calming of the seas within one’s soul.

The new album ‘Cirrhi’ drops March 16th.

The churning slows. The chaos calms. The un-necessary buzz of life, silences.

From the beautiful voice of Lokki, to the beautiful and haunting piano notes, ‘Breathe A Breath Of Me’ is a sense of fresh air, which we could not get enough of – and can’t help but still quake over.

Very significant, to say the least.

The sweeping climate of the song, brings you to that hill upon the mountain of your mind, and you shout: “I’m here!! I can do it!!” Holding up the branch full of leaves, just like a shield to the mighty Sun, your mind is made up – you are a new person.

What a song.

This project by Lokki, is on a big and wide path to glorious success, and the cinematic interpretation of emotions in this song, establishes that thesis.

“‘Breathe A Breath Of Me’ is about something we do every minute of every day. There’s a choir in the background, which creates the sense that when we breathe, the world breathes with us.”

The timing is perfect on the release of this single, for it is what we humans need, to take a step back, and expect better and wonderful things in the coming Spring.

Kudos, Lokki. Kudos.


‘Cirrhi’ Tracklist
1. Breathe A Breath Of Me
2. Cirrhi
3. I Catch You
4. The Night

Lokki will support the release with the following dates:

March 20 | The White Rabbit, Brighton (Folklore)
March 29 | The Slaughtered Lamb, London (Folklore)


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