Lola Lennox ‘Back At Wrong’ : Spikes out of the norm, to bring new and exciting vibes to her pop offering.

Lola Lennox

Singer, songwriter and musician, Lola Lennox describes the bad and the good times of relationships that is complex and undefinably immutable. A certainty that is necessary for our species, which brings both joy and staggering stresses – Lola takes a bouncy stab at what could be and will in ‘Back At Wrong’.

About the video Lola opined: “Depicting a day in the life of a couple at home, we witness the turbulent ups and downs of their love affair: one moment smiling, laughing and affectionate; and the next in fits of rage, distanced, and threatening to leave – the masks are off. With touches of a twisted retro fantasy, (I’m a huge fan of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock), we see into a domesticated nightmare.”

“The song itself is raucous and high energy, and the video matches its vivacious nature with quick changing flashes of imagery to reveal the dysfunctional story of the couple. Everybody understands the feeling of being stuck in a situation that isn’t right. This video depicts all the feelings that come with that, but on steroids.”

Lola brings pedigree of song and entertainment, but spikes out of the norm, to bring new and exciting vibes to her pop offering.

There is no wrong with ‘Back At Wrong’. It’s the grandeur that sings and shines.


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