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LOLASISTER Share Title Track ‘Infinite Jest’ Off Of Their New Debut EP.

The layered and textured offering of single ‘Infinite Jest’ is a pointed summation of what LOLASISTER is – jazz infused, psyche-rock band with a means of distribution of wonderful rhythms and sonic affections. The ‘literary’ band brings to the front of the pallette, oaky and earthy flavors, mingling successfully in a galactic soup of originality and providence.

Band leader and vocalist, Leoni Altherr, calls this the EP: “Clockwork Orange effect…cheerfully jumping into the abyss.”

From folk, to jazz, to blues, to rock, the band covers the bases – not to just do so for the sake of it, but for the necessity for the longing, the progression, the attributions.

Suggestive and altimeter breaking in its x-ray assumptions, ‘Infinite Jest’ prescribes what we all know to be true, and what we vaguely know cannot become. It’s that mound of clay on that turning table, without shape nor clarity. It sits there for you to mold. However, education and repetition lacks, and your thoughts are for ‘quitting’. But don’t. Touch the clay. Feel the shapes in your mind. Close your eyes. Imagine it. Behold what it is yours.

Take it as they come. Hold on.

LOLASISTER consists of: Leoni Altherr, Sibyl Hofstetter, Luzius Schuler, Jeremias Keller, and Benedikt Utzinger.



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