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LOLÉ Shares ‘Thoughts Of Us’. “She Melts Our Hearts. Her Strength Helps Us.”

LOLÉ is the path to the promised land of promises, broken hearts, and solidified rapture of all of our sensibilities. The strength of her music comes from her convictions lying underneath her every word in ‘Thoughts Of Us’.

You can feel it.

The soulful approach to her music construction, exudes the confidence you’d want from this knight-of-love.

LOLÉ slays the dragon.

LOLÉ tatters the cold hearted.

LOLÉ, beyond reproach, delves deeply into the 800ft deep crevasse of emotions – siting the gold, the jewels, the outright treasure.

She seeks your happiness.

She know you can be glorious.

The ethereal presentation of her addicting vocals make this single a treat that you shouldn’t miss.

“Thoughts Of Us is about a one way relationship, it’s that moment everyone has where they give their soul into something/someone that clearly isn’t meant to be – leaving you with clouded minds and raw feelings. Until someone fresh comes along and clears your vision” – LOLÉ

Let’s all be glorious with LOLÉ.

We think you deserve that pleasure.



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