Lolo Zouaï Shares ‘Moi’ (Vevo DSCVR Live). “Fresh sounds born out of creativity.”

Lolo Zouaï released her debut album ‘High Highs to Low Lows’. It is a combination of sounds that are forever decadent with sweeping mix of r&b, EDM, and hiphop elements. But all of that culminates to Lolo’s undeniably attractive vocals and refreshing kick of spice and bass that just sticks to your pop wanting desire.

Her performance for Vevo’s DSCVR (their emerging artists content segment), Lolo’s eviscerating presentation even surprises with glittering shimmer. The gorgeous color pallet from her mix of loops and pops, surge with aromatic certitude, as she shimmies and glides through this music video.

‘Moi’ is a 2 language offering, with French (she’s of French-Algerian descent heritage; grown in San Francisco) and English mark-ups. The 24 year old artist started her road to stardom from her bedroom, and ranks with the best of ’em. The songwriter is really hitting her stride and it has been a predictable rise of the once teen who just was aiming to be expressing her thoughts and feelings for the ages.

So. Her performance in this MV speaks for itself, in our eyes.

It comes at a junctures for Lolo, as we feel she’s on the cusp of even grander accolades.

Catch her in her summer US tour.



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