London Topaz ‘Be Mine (feat. George)’ : Grooves of longing expression – drape in a curtain of love and loss.

London Topaz

Rising star London Topaz has cemented himself as one of Australia’s most promising electronic acts. His most recent release ‘Drown’, a collaboration with vocalist Blush’ko, clocked 165k streams in under 2 months.

His latest ‘Be Mine’ features stunning female vocals by emerging vocalist George, alongside his signature production style. Together the pair create an emotional, elegant & highly replay-able hit.

With sounds to be heard throughout the ether, London Topaz has delivered beyond his years. He laid soulful foundations with ‘Let You Go’ featuring JANEVA and ‘Midnight’ featuring Georgia van Etten, both attaining over half a million streams respectively. His next two singles ‘Your Eyes’ alongside Dena Amy and ‘Hideout’ featuring Leonie Kingdom caught the attention of dance music enthusiasts globally and garnered worthy plays and airtime

Deliberate bass, grooves of longing expression – drape in a curtain of love and loss. It shines as the darkness of mysteries share in emotional interrogations.

Melbourne’s London Topaz serves electronic enthusiasts a signature taste bringing his unique creativity and composed approach to the electronic music world.


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