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LONE KODIAK Continues Sweeping Our Senses With ‘MNTNSD’.

Departure was coming up in our flight to Denver. It was the second time we’d traveled to another destination together. Always made me nervous to think that we’d come to this juncture of the relationship.

Janice was a beautiful soul. She’d been a teacher at the elementary school for 5 years and she was genuinely in love with her work. Then there was her children, as she called them. She adored her kids at the school, from morning to late nights when she graded their test papers. She’d be stressed with all the work, but as she’d always did, her smile brighten up where ever she was. Even at the sake of her own comfort, she sacrificed and was empathetic to the last bit.

It’s the everyday details: the seemingly mundane, and the seemingly banal, that makes things Whole.

I am in love with her.

Because of her compassion, warmth, effort in understanding, patience, and her ways of dealing with herself, and the world outside. I’ll ask her someday whether I’m doing a good job of making her life a bit more bearable, as she has infinitely made mine.

There’s no way I’ve become such a lucky recipient of a treasure like her.

I will try my best to be half the person she is in my eyes.

LONE KODIAK’s ‘MNTNSD’ helps us to remember the present and the the little things that makes us special.

Produced by Math Bishop (Killers, Snow Patrol, 2 Door Cinema Club), LONE KOKIAK’s single ‘MNTNSD’ is a sweeping and soaring arc in love, or the notions of love in our lives. Finding yourself, finding a direction, finding YOU, is a challenge, but it is a task that must be a wall to climb. And if it can’t be done by yourself, with another’s support, you can.


You must.

For the good.

Lone Kodiak consists of: Dainéal Parker, Daniel Alden, Andrew Smith.

Their latest ‘Pt. I’ and ‘Feet in the Water (Living Room Edition)’ are available now.



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