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Loneborn Shares ‘Ghosts’. Love Is All Consuming. Just Like Jail Of The Heart.

You were arrested late last year, with no representation. There wasn’t a lawyer near you. There wasn’t any ally for you to discuss options. There was no empathy for your plight, nor from the excuses you’d presented to the jurors.

The days went into weeks, and you were sick and tired of the charade.

You wanted out.

But how??

He had you in his sights and you were the target. You knew that from the first time you set eyes on him. And then he set his eyes on you. Then you met, with soft hellos. Enticed, and hungry, both of you feasted on each others’ expectations.

You were arrested late last year, with no pre-conceptions.

Now you’re stuck in love limbo.

Oh boy.

LONEBORN is made up of two artist Raul Garcia and Jonathan Tuckler. The two have some tales to tell, and through this collaboration, they aim to do just that. And dang it, we see some good stuff that can happen from this quirky duo of non-traditional musical adventurers.

Let’s see how this goes.

The 6 track self-titled debut EP is available now.



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