Lonely Eyes ‘Novocaine’ : Upbeat exterior contrasted by the dark.

Lonely Eyes

Niles Gregory (aka Lonely Eyes) has been writing and performing music around the world for nearly a decade. Only up until now, he hasn’t had a project to call his own. After leaving Broadside and taking a brief hiatus from music altogether, Gregory began touring with Andy Black (of Black Veil Brides) and decided to start releasing music under the moniker Lonely Eyes.

Hailing from Los Angeles by way of Upstate New York, Gregory’s raw and energetic vocals cut their way through the longing reflection on ‘Novocaine’, perfectly complementing the fusion of new wave, pop-punk and synthpop sounds that guide the track.

Co-written and produced by LA-based synth-pop artist NYIKO, the style is transformative with a light, upbeat exterior contrasted by the darker emotional depth of the lyrics.

Niles shared that “Novocaine is about the abrupt end of a relationship and the feeling of numbness that immediately follows.”



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