Lonely Spring ‘Sixteen’ (The April Sessions) : Things that keep you down. Writing songs that get you back to ‘you’.

Lonely Spring

“We’ve been writing music since we were really young teenagers. All along the road we experienced different things, whether they were good or bad, they somehow made us who we are right now. It’s been a long road and we’re actually just at the very beginning.”

Lonely Spring is a newcomer to the German emo-rock scene. But that ain’t stopping them to impress and pull forward representative feeling of angst from the audience. A relevance of calm and excitement for the beyond, Jul Fuchs, Simon Fuchs, Manu Schrottenbaum, and Madsn Angerer kick their emotions to higher levels.

The band continued: “Sometimes you feel unworthy or useless, but we tried to assimilate that by writing about it together. This song is about dealing with those things.” However, we think we don’t need to deal with the stress as harshly, while Lonely Spring delivers.

See them next @ Cadet Carter KickOff 2020 – München, January 18th.


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