Loneshark ‘Record Store’ : Chill but riotous; exemplary and insanely catchy.


Johnny Vitale is Loneshark. He’s talented. He’s cooly engaging. He’s hotly contested. The world is where his oysters will be cooked, and he’s okay with that.

Said Johnny: “Recently I’ve been preoccupied with the ideas of apocalypse and faith, so these two tracks are the result. ‘Record Store’ is a four-on-the-floor, somewhat disco-inspired dance track that utilizes sampled drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, and synthesizers…. I wrote this song imagining where I’d like to be if the world were ending. That place would be a record store. So this song is about that.”

‘Record Store’ is in a series of seriousness where his construction of words to music to vibes is where he lives like a king. It’s another example of what it’s like to hear another proper indie-pop that just isn’t conventional, but it’s wholly very intercontinental in its vices.

Chill but riotous; exemplary and insanely catchy, indeed.

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two new songs on 2/10 !!

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