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Loneshark // The Disappointed // George Ogilvie // Havington // Otto

Loneshark – Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is the second song from my solo project, Loneshark. Eighties synth and drum machines, mean that someone’s in the mood for love. And when love is in the air, you can’t stop that momentum. You try. You really do try. But that pull is too moody, intrinsic, forbidden, and feels so good. She makes you feel that way. He makes you vibe this way. It’s as if the world belongs to be in this frozen arena of questions. Will you survive? Loneshark said: “The song is essentially about a failure to commit. The hook is ‘I don’t know if I can come clean. (I’ll love you tongue tied anyway)’. So it’s essentially a distillation of my failure to commit in a relationship through the simple inability for me to be vulnerable and say to this person ‘I love you’. It’s a situation that we’d all gone through. A bit of hesitation is all that’s required to let the other know that this wasn’t the priority that was meant to be. Can love continue as if nothing had happened? Let’s start again. Talented and ominous, Johnny Vitale, in on a fast track to indie glory.

The Disappointed – We Don’t Dream

‘We Don’t Dream’ is the new anthem from Perth grunge new wavers The Disappointed. “What’s the price we’re paying for the widespread adoption of this worldview and where is this nihilism taking us?” asked the band. Their sound is influenced by the 90s, but you can hear 80s New Wave vibes and a mid 70s prog influences also. From the upcoming debut album ‘Escapism’, The Disappointed is a lot of things, but not just middle of the road. With creativity at the center of their soul searching and almost operatic rock conjunctions, the delivery of ‘We Don’t Dream’ is ethereal in its nature, but powerful as industrial. The band is made up of Michael Strong, Matt Berghuis, Andy James Bartlett, Mick Colangelo, and Mark Neal. They’re from Perth. And they rock.

George Ogilvie – Tremosine

‘Tremosine’ is the 2nd single from George Ogilvie’s debut album. Written during a trip to Italy, Tremosine is the follow up to the highly successful first single ‘Grave’. Ahead of his debut UK/Ireland tour, Brighton based George Ogilvie is continuing the release of his deeply intimate, emotive music. Hot off the heels from a SOLD OUT London Omeara in June and multiple UK + European festival appearances, George has had a busy year and is currently finishing his debut album. George soars with gliding love into what he deems is his heart and soul. With guitar in hand and ways to express his feelings through words, his vision of his creative freedom comes true to heart’s content in this single. It is just a tap of what George brings, for all of his listeners to witness.

Havington – Places Where

Formed in 2016 the three already played festivals like Melt!, SWR 3 New Pop and released a first DIY-EP named “Curiosity” which had been recorded in a wet and cold rehearsal room. The young indie-folk trio from Northern Germany, take us back to the trio’s acoustic roots, with smooth harmonies and saccharine lyrics to boot. Like a rainy Sunday in front of a box of faded Polaroids and melancholic dreams of an unknown future. ‘Behind A Smile’ will be dropped in autumn ’19, containing five vivid stories formed to fair and beautiful songs. At “Behind A Smile” the band’s adding electronic elements, driving rhythms, a feeling for the right moment and filling everything with a blend of warm acoustic tones.

Otto – Safer Out The City

Singer/songwriter Otto (Christian Punter) releases his debut EP ‘Post’. With writers Daniel Lafrombé Evans, Lewys Mann, Christian Punter, Otto keeps his energies of conviction in the straight and narrow with this alt-Americana vibin’ single. Over recent years Otto has opened for acclaimed acts such as Louis Baker and Saint Raymond, and he has performed everywhere from HubFest and Landed Festival to Swansea Fringe, Swn Fest and HowTheLightGetsIn. All the tracks on ‘Post’ are the product of a unique songwriting project. Whilst living at an old post office in Ferndale (The Rhondda Valley, South Wales), Otto invited his neighbors to send him letters about their memories of this once-vibrant mining town. From their stories of local boxing heroes, child evacuees and long-lost lovers he weaved together a collection of piercing and brilliantly contemporary tracks that channel the voices of a forgotten generation.


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