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Long Neck – Will This Do?

We’d been looking forward to this for a while, and it’s happened. Longneck (a band we’d admired, who happens to be from our neck of the woods) and Tiny Engines (that rascally indie label that we root for) has joined forces and will come out with a new offering in January 26, 2018.

“Will This Do?,” the band’s first for Tiny Engines, is an album about a bad year. It’s an attempt to deconstruct the frenzy of loss, emotional and mental turmoil, and deep-seated heartache into something that could be rebuilt and understood.

Tiny Engines
It’s about the emotional ruin of trying to wring affection and validation from people who can’t or won’t provide it. It’s about trying to answer the impossible question of whether your life and your art can make the loved ones you’ve lost proud. It’s about losing your mind on the side of US Route 1/9, getting smoke in your eyes, and things getting stuck together. It’s about when “will this do?” turns into “when will this do?” At it’s core, “Will This Do?” is an exploration of what happens when relationships end–through death or otherwise–and how we allow ourselves to grieve. It’s an album written as a way to process, as a way to mourn, and as a way to return to life.

We hear ya, loud and clear.

By the by other publications such as Stereogum, has also agreed with CHF’s findings as well (maybe the other way around).

Anywho, our findings, ‘correlate’ that Long Neck is (in a word that is made of two other words): fan-tabulous!

Yep. Simple as that.

Lily’s vocals is just very relatable and warm. Just reminds us of our sisters (if we had any) who’d tell you what’s what about life, relationships, and the other sex.

The tough parts, the sad parts, the demanding parts, the lovable parts – all described in a digestible and understandable portions.

We then smile, take the stories and put it into our file cabinets in our brains for a rainy day.

Just sayin’.

Stereogum ‘Band To Watch’
Her hooks, including the one on Will This Do? lead single “Mine/Yours” (premiering above), often take the form of something akin to a marching band stomp or a rapturous barroom chant. Centered around Mastrodimos’ deeply affecting voice, “Mine/Yours” is an affirmation of individuality in the face of coupling, a compromise between holding on to what you need while navigating what someone else wants.

We just dig Lily’s aesthetics to song and songwriting, all culminating in a fantastic blend in output.

And that is what, sometimes, a great band is. That is what we all should dig.

Kudos, Lily and the gang. Kudos.

All the best in the bright future ahead. Looking forward to more and more.

The new album is set to drop on January 26th, 2018. It will have 10 songs all together for this pressing.

They’re rep’ed by Tiny Engines, working out of Columbia and Charlotte.



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