Longheads ‘Immortalised From Death’ : Your eyes bulge with surprise at the daft rigor.


‘Immortalised From Death’ is a kaleidoscopic journey through various textures and moods. It begins semi laid back psych rock tune before erupting into a fuzz laden jam for the final act. clocking in at 7 minutes it is an ever changing and evolving tune that does not follow a typical song structure.

The single is to be released with a B side ‘Face In The Chrome’ (out now). These are two tracks that have proved fan favorites at gigs pre lockdown. The songs both showcase the bands ability to craft music using progressive song structures and interesting and varied textures.

‘Prog’-nogsticators of a charming kind, Longheads’ attack when you’re not looking. Your eyes bulge with surprise at the daft rigor, as their opining of galactic riffs and angular initiations of rock your sides.


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