Loose Buttons ‘Fell Into A Hole’ : They want you to rock out with them, on this long and beautiful journey.

Debut album ‘Something Better’ (February 7, 2020)

Loose Buttons

‘Fell Into A Hole’ is the third advance track from Loose Buttons’ upcoming debut album ‘Something Better’ (February 7, 2020).

As described by the band as a celebration of the band’s New York music community, the song is a pop wandering of shoegrazy bedroom-pop offering that features a duet with Forth Wanderers’ lead singer Ava Trilling. Produced by Gus Oberg (The Strokes, The Virgins), the single brings a breathtakingly brisk pace, with the introspectively vibrant drive of subject and of mental health concerns. The breadth of appreciation form the band for their belonging in the diversity and warmth of the New York music scene is big and resounding.

Struggles is a constant for us all – whether in music or not. The raspy urgencies in riveting gumption, surges into the rife visions of Loose Buttons’ crest for empathy and embrace.

‘Fell Into A Hole’ is an opposite ‘feel good’ story that is indicative of everyone, but distinct in its representation for the band’s unique experiences.

The band consists of Eric Nizgretsky, Zack Kantor, Manny Silverstein, and Adam Holtzberg. And they want you to rock out with them, on this long and beautiful journey.

See them next @ Boot & Saddlegf, Philadelphia December 18th



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