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Loose Buttons Shares ‘Something Better’. “Wake up and realize.”

Loose Buttons delivers charm and sophisticated trinkets in ‘Something Better’.

“We started writing this album what feels like both a lifetime ago and only just yesterday,” said the band. “It took us a while to figure out the direction, and none of the ideas seemed to land until we collectively stumbled upon the song ‘Something Better’. Our goal has always been to push ourselves forward and create something better than what was we’ve done before…and with this song, we finally felt like we were taking steps in that direction.

Lead singer Eric Nizgretsky added: “Over the years I’ve been forced to take a look back at my parents’ failed marriage, among other things, and I guess my fear is that the relationships I hold dear in my life will inevitably fail as well. It’s those potential failures and uncertainties that have led me to channel my fears into something more positive…into something better.”

Eric, Zack Kantor, Manny Silverstein, and Adam Holtzberg paints the skies of our individual minds with day-to-day realities, hoping for hope and resilience to the seemingly unfair.

We have these instances that make us wake up and realize. Or makes us desolve into the gray corner – deeper, and deeper.

Which one would you choose?

Let’s try the former.

See them next @ Zone One at Elsewhere, NYC November 21st.



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