Lorana ‘Countless First Times’ : Thrusting with bursts of the humanity that is common, but never correctly express.


“I started to see the little town in a different light after leaving it behind to move to London. Now, whenever I go back to visit friends and family, I get overwhelmed by nostalgia and love for small details and big memories.”

Similar to her first single, ‘Countless First Times’ conveys the duality she feels between both her towns of origin. To reflect this lyrical narrative into her sonic identity, she recorded tons of samples both at home and in London, which are woven throughout all the songs.

“Growing up in Alken, I’ve always taken the town for granted ‘cause it’s quite small and simple,” added Lorana. “Moving away to London made me realise the beauty of it once I came back to visit friends and family. It’s in the details, but even things like the floods that happen here every year or the flickering street lights somehow became a part of me throughout the years. It’s been the decor of my childhood, becoming a teenager, turning into an adult. It carries my secrets, my dreams, my worries and fears, and all my ‘countless first times’. It carries me, and I love it.”

“Only recently I’m starting to understand how fortunate I have been, growing up where I did. I’ve been surrounded by privilege without even realising (which is a privilege in itself). I’d like to add that I’m taking the time to educate myself on the racial issue our history has left us in and I encourage everyone to do the same. This fight is far from over, but together we can create a brighter future.”

She cares. She loves. She is in love with the warmth and privilege of memories she treasure again, and again. Lorana’s sentimental emotions and truths of her vocal tones, are thrusting with bursts of the humanity that is common, but never correctly express.

Lorana helps us do so.


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