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Lorelei Shares ‘I Am a Road’. “Casualties of habits and intentions.”

LORELEI is the project of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy. The Sydney based duo weave dark-pop arrangements into a cauldron of rhythms and vibes. Both shimmering and gallantly matte, the sides of one coin, reflects the continuity from the possibilities within.

‘I Am A Road’ is the first single taken from the EP record with Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels) and it is a “romance of dark and light…an expanse of cinematic dimensions,” stated the band. “The song is an exploration of what lies beyond night.”

To record ‘I Am A Road’ they recruited the fellow Sydney musicians, family, and friends Alex Knight (Brightness) on drums, Pat McCarthy (City Rose) on bass, and Ryan Adamson (Divebell, Hotel) on synth.

The decorative ambiguity dangles in the orange dusk sky. Revealing casualties of habits and intentions, a gaze of disenchantment receives a choice for betterment. That relationship of relationships, caustic it may turn, never dissuades the mighty heart of a love.

Get to know the lovely tones offered by LORELEI.



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