LORENS ‘Never Get Better’ : Let’s touch, once more.


Gusts of shivers dawn on your skin. Dew thickened, and sopped in memories, you tingle in lusts of a longing. The taste of you. The look of your glance. The smell of your attention. A relationship that could have lasted, now only lasts in short thoughts into time.

Going forward is relenting the past, in some way. But it’s hard to let go, as it’s prescribed, for we are animals living, breathing, surviving. An unrelenting urge that lives within our individual wants, are never fully contained. As we dive deeper into the soul of our existence, we desire more and more, with equitable stubbornness.

There’s nothing that can be done. So, let’s growl and satisfy our urges. No matter how private. No matter how decadent.

Self produced and beautiful in voice, LORENS delivers with a mahogany punch, delicate yet undeniable.

Let’s touch, once more.


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