Loser Company ‘Blueberry Skies’ : Delegations of the band’s music is just pure melancholic joy

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Loser Company

‘Blueberry Skies’ is the title track of Loser Company’s EP. The alt-rock / grunge delegations of the band’s music is just pure melancholic joy. Nostalgic, and finely tuned to the crispness of the original elements, the slacker indie-rock vibes blend seamlessly into the venerable Universe that the band portrays.

Recently recorded in August of 2019, Blueberry Skies will be the first EP released by Loser Company, after a year of releasing singles. Inspired by that fleeting moment that occurs every day when night turns into morning, Blueberry Skies offers a quick hitting escape, with emotional highs and lows smattered amongst contagiously catchy melodies and harmonies.

Founded by Motor City Originals Mas Kihira and Will Saunders, Loser Company’s music is a balance of melodies and harmonic grit.

Declared the band: “In an era defined by an ominous, oppressive division, Loser Company is on a mission to coalesce. We are Loser Company and so are you. Losers, Unite! Losers make the best Company!”


From the madness of the fog of war and peace, we need a jolt of newness and oldness to dance and flutter, new and creamy vibes that can be absorbed. Loser Company is intending to blend exactly that vibe of mishaps and eureka, to delight and bolster the best of ourselves.

Guess this song can be your starting point.



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