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LOSSAPARDO Shares A Moment In Time, In Single ‘Sleep (3 A.M.)’ A Gathering In Deep Thought.

LOSSAPARDO is an artist foremost. But we’re glad he does, what he does from the musical perspective. And by utilizing this wonder-brush in music, we get to peek into a very short but thought provoking, moment in time. As his other works have demonstrated, his expansion into a ‘minute of his life’, divulges our own everyday fleeting thoughts about life, love, tragedies, etc.

Things are lost, in translation, to ONE-SELF. And this happens over, and over, and over.

We miss the little things, never realizing those fleeting seconds, assist in helping us make and/or break decisions.

And heavy and desperate decisions can be made in those fleeting seconds.

And light and inconsequential decisions can be ‘thrown out’ in those fleeting seconds.

But we’re there. ALWAYS. Thinking, but not realizing or recognizing.

Our minds are a full Ocean of noise, which our bodies do their best to cope and shield ourselves – from our selves.

Our best friend, is within us. Our worst enemy, is within us.

This short expedition of a track by Lossapardo, is a journey we gladly took with him.

Kudos, for sure.



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