Lost Stars ‘Better Days’ : After we get through it, there will be more sunshine to look forward to.

Lost Stars

Song about the year 2020. The year that was. Is. Will alway be, in our minds and memories. But after we get through it, there will be more sunshine to look forward to.

Influenced by pop rock heavy-hitters like Coldplay, The 1975, and 5SOS – Damian Malnar (vocals / keys), Charley Holden (guitar / bass), and Trey Warner (guitar) joined forces at college in Nashville, TN to form Lost Stars. Three mid-western transplants who love pop music, and aim to spread important lyrical messages paired with particularly catchy songs.

Damian, Charley and Trey took a break after Sirens + Light to write and experiment with the band’s sound, and 2020 will show the fruits of their labor. In April and May, the guys released ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’ and ‘All I Know’, and will be releasing a single in June titled ‘This Year’s Gonna Hurt’. This Year’s Gonna Hurt is coincidentally the name of their upcoming EP, and little did they know how much hardship 2020 would in fact bring.

Lost Stars are looking forward to touring when it is safe, and the release of what they feel are their best songs yet in the coming weeks / months.

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track 6 : stay the night written by: @damian.malnar @trey.warner @charley.holden @jakeflare produced by: @dmthulin @loststarsmusic stay the night found it's start in jake flaherty's living room. in traditional nashville fashion, it was written with an acoustic guitar and a few drinks. the idea stemmed from jake and trey talking about how we should write a song with a 12/8 shuffle groove just like 'everybody wants to rule the world' by tears for fears. charley and trey spent a good hour finding the right tempo and chords, but once we landed on it, the melody flowed out effortlessly. jake started humming and then out came the words "i saw you across the room." from there, damian was transported back to a life-changing night when he started falling in love with a girl at a saturday night fever themed college disco party. in an hour, the song was finished. we recorded a voice memo and then took it back home to build a demo layered with warm synths and silky guitars. when we took the song to david for production, he brought it too life with massive synth pads, thick harmonies, and big 80s tom fills…

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