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Lost Talk Shares ‘Igloo’. “A brash addition to your day-to-day monotony.”

It’s the frenetic ending to this angular hard-rock ecstasy that is so telling. With Amy Mowle’s beautifully delicious howling vocals, that tingles your back with sweet and the salty vigor of it all, the single ‘Igloo’ from LOST TALK is a gem.

Raucous but unintentionally valiant, the guitar penetrating single is all that you’d want from a live act – a studio recording – a brash addition to your day-to-day monotony.

Narrations of the song depicts nothing that you’d never need. It kicks into gear at precisely where you’d expect, but never keep you on a balanced keel.

Dissonant. Back in black. Never turning back. LOST TALK’s ‘Igloo’ is an unapologetically destructive force for death and ultimate re-birth of life and soul for the convivial listener’s unambiguous capabilities.

The destruction is from within.

To stop it, you must embrace and accept the precedence.

You are then ready to take on this world.

Born 2016, the Melbourne originating band are: Steven Smith, Max Ducker, Ben Rose, and Amy Mowle. With drum duties switching between Liz Turner and Sam Reid, this dynamic single easily gets to you and your pension for pain of knowing that good music is out there.

No matter how quirky, or viciously exciting.

So, get in.



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