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Lost Woods Shares ‘Cinnamon’. Be Kind. Be Sweet. Love And Be Lovers.

Be kind to me, Serena. You have been my long standing pillar for what’s good in this world. Don’t let my world view crumble. You are the angel that sang to me from afar, when we first met. We said ‘Hi’ and your voice, dreamlike state, made me melt in metaphorical tsunami. Your hair of golden strawberries, glistened in the lights of that glorious afternoon.

We made the jump to a higher flight, to be with each other, as companions, friends, and lovers.

All I ever need is your caress, your lips, your perfect smile.

To this day you have a hold on me, and I like it this way.

Forever and ever, my heart is within your hands.

But be kind to me, Serena, for do you feel the same for me, as I do for you?

I do hope so.

LOST WOODS brings some pop to the stylistic indie-folk genre, adding their Adelaide sensibilities folded within the layers of some fab vocals.

Just like love, another look – a long look – into LOST WOODS is warranted.

Maybe Serena, indeed, will be kind.



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