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Lost Worlds Shares ‘I Wonder What’. “A Cool $1 Million Dollars…”

“Can you believe we finished that off!” The thrill in his voice was infectious and totally summed up the kind of fruitful expedition the group had achieved. “Let’s get this rig off and get out of here!”

The take from the robbery was a cool $1 million dollars and it was all ‘tax free’ as the cliche was.

There was Jackie – the locks expert. Then Rocky – the muscle and security logistics expert. Randall headed off the ‘human relations’ and ‘corrupted’ people for leverage, per project. Then there was the leader – Connor. Who was the planner of the band of thieves. They trusted him as much as any professional criminal should. Don’t get his ‘hipster’ name mixed with not executing to efficiency. He knew how to do things, and how each and every heist can be won.

“Charlie, that’s the premise of the script! What do you think??”

“Man, it’s been done before! How are you going to get this script, even past the first stage??”

“No. It will! I know it! It’s a good thing for the movies. It’s the right timing!”

“Bro. Let’s sleep on this and see what we think in the morning. Okay?”


He couldn’t sleep that night. He was too excited about the yet, unfinished script. But Nate was a serial optimist. Nothing got him down. That was his charm.

LOST WORLDS’ single ‘I Wonder That’ is like that bank heist: fast, exciting, wondrous, and so much fun. The Queensland, Australian based band formed in 2016 and has been doing their utmost to put early 2000’s garage rock into their own definition.

“Making Fire Fire was like throwing it all on black. The gamble that doesn’t make sense at all. I wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t do it and I’d always regret it. This could be the only album that we get to make, so we didn’t hold anything back.” – Lee McRae

The band consists of frontman Lee McRae, Baby Blue, and Kyle Shipton.

Look for them.




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