LostSun ‘Killer’ : Sense of depiction and angst, a salient story of sight and sound


Direct and Americana, LostSun’s single ‘Killer’ is a decadently rich blend of emotions, sullied into existence by the raw power of acoustic guitar and lyrical dedication. A sound and revering sense of depiction and angst, a salient story of sight and sound, converge into being; no more worried – no more hurried.

The song evokes the spirit of the later Johnny Cash American series recordings. The song is a textured song with haunting slide guitar and a swinging shuffle that propels the song along. The overall sense of foreboding and unease is reflected in a direct lyric, from a couple’s conflicting perspectives.

Life’s struggles, sharp at the edges, needs a soft and approachable resolution. To live and work and build a life, a person who loves the other, seek the same truths and beliefs, in the hopes of a better horizon.

‘Killer’ is the first single off of LostSun’s self titled, debut EP scheduled for release in late May 2020.


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