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LostSun // Victoria Victoria // Seaker // Oliver Marson // Black Beach Baby

LostSun -Relief

LostSun’s self-titled debut EP is out now. And when you digitally open that EP, you have this single named ‘Relief’. And exuding from this subtle and chill acoustic endeavor, the 12 string guitar loop and the wistful vocal harmonies pulls at your emotions. And as they do, the memories of loves that had been, comes from the roladex of your mind, to catch up with innocent reminiscing and playful concentration in the goodnesses that were. But it really isn’t of your past, for when you look back at your past, you can’t help but let your mind look at the future of your life. Where you can be. Who you can be. Will you get through and cross the line? Love. Life. The bumps on the road. Doesn’t have to make sense, but taking stock to turn on the windshield wiper, in the hopes to see a bit more clearer through the torrential pouring rain – will help. Being sad is a part of life. Getting up from it and moving on, is up to you.

Victoria Victoria – Sanctuary

Self help. Self accommodation. A group of words and ideas that, in this day of ages, are sometimes forgotten and buried in the back yard of our psyches. Unfortunate, because, in the living of our day-to-day lives, we forget to take care of ourselves as much as we’d like from an emotional captivation. Tori Elliot, the heart and mind of the project VICTORIA VICTORIA, for a moment in time, had forgotten that as well. In a bout of anxiety and depression, her life seemed to be on the course of being filled with troubles and unresolvable challenges. But she rebutted this notion, and did something about it. Tori stated: “I wrote [‘Sanctuary’] on a day that I was feeling particularly victimized by my own self-hatred and anxiety and was inspired by my feelings of powerlessness. This song was an attempt at changing my language surrounding self-hatred and anxiety. I’m personifying self-hatred and ‘putting it in its place,’ so to speak.” She continued: So, “I had adopted the ritual of crazy-dancing every day when I was dealing heavily with panic attacks, and it helped.” We can relate, to be sure, can’t we? Positivity and absolute vigor in pursuing that endeavor is a part of what VICTORIA VICTORIA is all about. Bravo, indeed.

Seaker – Woven

North-East England originating artist Kiran Hungin’s vocals are amazing. Warm, kind, futuristic – it invokes a valiant offer in a method of communicating what her heart can render. A medieval-like beautiful tapestry of golden fabrics, the weaving of r&b/soul within this rock tinted ballad is just amazing to feel. Here, and here – you feel where her lyrics want to take you. Then you feel where her vocals want to take you. Kiran stated: “I try to make music that is epic and delicate at the same time. I love those spine-tingly moments when there’s an unexpected emotional twist in a song or a tiny whispered vocal moves into a huge layered block of sound. When I was a kid, it was sad, vast, filmic songs that always got me. I think for a long time I associated art with sadness and only took something seriously in an artistic sense if it was melancholic. I think that shows still in how I write, though I also feel very full of hope and wonder… so it’s not all doom and gloom.” But the song shines, no matter how darkened the subject and its genesis. The future is bright.

Oliver Marson – Cocaine Romance

OLIVER MARSON, brings ‘Cocaine Romance’ for us to breathe in. And ‘breathe in’ we shall. Just like the sweet smell of success, the scent of ‘Cocaine Romance’ wafts truly in between your nasal passages, as it caresses its tendrils of decadence, tickling and synthesizing. The title single is the first solo release of Oliver explained: “‘Cocaine Romance’ was written when I was kind of in in a broken down state. My band at the time, Bahama Bleach had just gone their separate ways and I wanted to do something that was brash and a little bit distasteful. The song itself was written about a friend of mine who began dating a drug dealer. I was worried more than anything, but I guess I secretly just really liked her. I would sit at the desk of my mundane office job, listening to new wave bands from the 80s and imagine all the things she might have been getting up to in these dark and seedy worlds that don’t even exist.” We love back stories that just pops out of the woods, to quiver your fun and lovingly connect. ‘Cocaine Romance’ is an over the top confession of love, infatuation, danger, and jealousy. And we think it’s something we all should swim in.

Black Beach Baby – All I Know

BLACK BEACH BABY is Andy and My. The duo from Stockholm formed in 2017. The story only starts from there. With vibrant undertones throughout the song, the combination of synth support and bass guitar strengthened approachability, ‘All I Know’ is never about the darkness – it’s all about the good shiny bits of a world view. Relegated to a 60’s vision of what shoegaze/dream-pop vibe would be, the highlight of the duo’s works are eternally outlandish, in a soft spoken voice like attention to manners. The thorns are still sharp. There’s no need to shout about it. BLACK BEACH BABY is that word of rebel yell, that is subtle, unique, and affectionate. Love has no chance. It will capitulate to the stories of Andy and My. And we dig that to the hilt.


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