loucey ‘scream’ : You want the 90’s for breakfast? You got it with Cherie on the case.


loucey is a New Orleans-bred four-piece, born out of a love for post-grunge guitar tones, retro-fused synths, and nostalgic hip-hop sounds. The band is fronted by songwriter and guitarist Cherie Louise McCabe, a sneaker-loving 90s-kid with equal admiration for all things pop/hip-hop, and the gutsy rawness of the grunge movement. She still often daydreams about what a Spice Girls/Kurt Cobain collaboration could have looked like.


Guitarist Sam McCabe, keyboardist Jeremy Phipps, and drummer/producer Ben Lorio worked alongside Cherie to bring this project to life through an 18-month process of demo exchanges, YouTube research and recording sessions.

Favorited 90s girl-rock bands found their influence in the sounds – Veruca Salt, Elastica, Le Tigre, Hole – and more currently, Grimes, Sleater Kinney, and Bully.

Tight, indeed.


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