Loud Forest Shares ‘Out Of Sight’. “Positively optimistic of the future that lies ahead.”

Los Angeles based duo Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, makes fun and attainable music that glistens with energy and a sentimental glow. ‘Out Of Sight’ is out of the memories of your past, but positively optimistic of the future that lies ahead.

Combining pop and electronics elements, tied and bound to the concurrent contemporary atmospherics, the two collaborate together to equally dissect then express with the glint of enthusiasm and happiness.

Even in the melancholic lyrical works of ‘Out Of Sight’, the overall cast of lovely sentiments, level the right amount of minimal but important beckoning for promises from tragedies.

Melodic and inducing sing-alongs, LOUD FOREST keeps it vivacious and eclectically permanent.

‘Out Of Sight’ was written by Bernard Chadwick, co-produced with Rachel Chadwick & Steve Wilmot. Engineered and mixed by Steve Wilmot.



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