Louderman ‘look at me now’ : A mosaic in the most in-depth resides where you’d always desired.


In the best traditions of folk and conscientious singer/songwriting, there is Louderman. UK based artist for whom constructing beautiful and lyrical pallets, comes with ease and effervescent delight. ‘look at me now’ is another one of his singles that amplify his talents and offers, which are at the ready for the world to embrace.

‘look at me now’ is one of his best, and with lyrics that span mind and body, it consumes the patronage of the universe with utter contemplative shine and intellectual shimmer. Said louderman: “‘look at me now’ is a song about not wanting to be seen…not wanting to be on show… about the need to deal with one’s shortcomings before being able to move on with ones life and reclaim one-self and one’s hope…”

louderman is about taking a journey through time – navigating through the songs of one person’s lifetime – a road trip down the sonic highway of high hopes and dreams; navigating the geography of disappointments and unseen diversions all set out on a map of songs.’look at me now’ will grab you and whisk you to that place of private saunters and expanse of wanton wants.

A mosaic in the most in-depth resides where you’d always desired.

We hope we all can get there, soon.


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