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LOUIZA // The Pylons // TAPE TOY // Brian O’Brien // Diplazar

LOUIZA – Alone

LOUIZA (aka Rebecca Mimiaga) is an artist who is something-kinda-special. Formally Jazz studied LOUIZA bandies about this world carrying out her urges to bring music that are both intransigent in their own charming way, and clear in their intentions to satisfy. With unique and majestic vocals, LOUIZA taps the big end of the stick, when it comes to her music. And when she sings, you can’t wait to get on that train of integrity and excellence. Her music, demure at parts and defiant at heights, the lateral movements of note to the next note are sorry to be moving around so much. But you don’t accept the apology from the sound waves, for you’re engrossed into the chants of ‘Alone’, that nothing really matters at the moment. That glass of orange juice trembles at the righteous blaring of orchestra like emphasis and the operatic rock-ness that lives just underneath her songs. It’s LOUIZA, and that what you will get with her offerings. Gorgeous.

The Pylons – Monochrome

‘Monochrome’ is an expeditious proposition. Expansive as the Universe could be, but it is as local as the earth underneath you sensibilities. The beautiful lyrics, amplify as we are delivered on top of a flying carpet of music, alongside the graciousness of the familiar and satisfying vocals. The band from the UK is made up of Alex Dalton, Joe Davies, Joey Walker, and Phil Gale, where things happen as they may and at the highest of levels. They take inspiration from bands like Bears Den, Novo Amor, Glass Animals and Bombay Bicycle Club to drive our gilded scopes, a new focus to engage our simple minds. It’s something that is beautiful to witness and hear.

TAPE TOY – Dive Deeper

Amsterdam bred TAPE TOY is young in formation. Just like your mind, it has evolved into an pack of aggression that has little to give in excuses. The fabulousness of ‘Dive Deeper’ is what makes life so enjoyable sometimes. The no none-sense approach of indie rock delivers with flying colors, as the guitar driven ensemble takes lyrics that makes the chili so delectable and so yum. To attest to their combination of talents, ‘Dive Deeper’ is their first single put together from their ‘school project’. “Loud and happy” were the protocols for this offering. We think it comes through like laser, and it is scrumptious. The band is: Roos, Wesley, Maurice, and Marc and they want your ear.

Brian O’Brien – Horse

Born in Limerick, Ireland, BRIAN O’BRIEN fills our days with grit and gumption, as sometimes we lose them as the grind keeps on. Brian takes on life by two fists and let’s it know that he’s here, living, surviving, and thriving. ‘Horse’ is simply about following “your heart, your dreams…your horse”. Brian added: “It was inspired by my decision to move from my hometown of Limerick, Munster, Ireland, to Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was my love for a girl that motivated me to take the journey, but when that came crashing down, it was my passion for music, and the fire inside me, that had me stay the course.” Life sure can make things hard. Brian has the attitude of a certain Bruce Springsteen in his delivery of his lyrics. Humble, but proud and strong, he’ll be down for a while, but you know he’ll get back up again from the residues of the past. His music fills his heart and energizes his every day.

Diplazar – Getaway

You got up this morning and it was sunny! Summer has a way of brightening things up, literally and figuratively. DIPLAZAR has that zen written into the notes of their single ‘Getaway’. The Australian outfit makes ‘chill’ a certainty, as the philosophy of life is what they protect the most. Let’s have some fun they say, and we surely agree. The four piece made up of: Josh Studley, Trent Pepper, Sam Madden, and Oscar Sloan keeps things as cool as the breeze outside your bungalow. “Oy! Let’s get to the beach!” Right on mates. Right on. See them at Lo-Fi in New South Wales on April 13th.


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