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Love and Godspeed Shares ‘Heywyawyd?’ “Just Can’t Help It.”

LOVE AND GODSPEED is Tyler Glass. The project is a dreamy dream-bedroom-pop experience. But it’s more than that. It’s the trip of you and your sensibilities dancing into the clouds of the unknown. Swipe the haze out of the way, you think you see something int he far off distance.

Flying and gliding is the fantastic feel of ‘Heywyawyd?’ Just can’t help it.

Instinctively you put out your arms like an airplane. But this time, you really do fly. Where are you off to?

“No where. Every where.”

Working out of South Arkansas, Tyler is very talented in his sensibilities and has come up with a fabulous single. His production attitude is sound on, and it’s evident that we just can’t get enough of this single.

We hope to hear from his next single very soon.



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