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Love Coven ‘December Sadness (Lonely Boys/Lonely Girls)’ : Honest, genuine, beckoning, and beautifully constructed.

If we accept our faults and limitations, we’re half way there.

Love Coven’s latest single ‘December Sadness (Lonely Boys/Lonely Girls)’ is honest, genuine, beckoning, and beautifully constructed. Through its longing colors and shades of a lonesome past, the story takes place, where ever you’d want it to be. A wastage of inconceivable outtakes of burning desires and residually haunting walls of doubt, cloud the judgement of a said hero and his ambitions to make his footprint of life, better.

But life can’t be that simplistic, nor romantic. It’s called life, because it is hard at times, confusing at times, and manifests a daunting challenge to the individual soul and its heartbreaking threats of success.

Who’s definition of success? It’s what the outside world can deem it so. In that sense, we strive to go along, staying within the guard rail supported bowling alley, and nodding ‘yes’ as we’d only focus on survivability.

Love Coven said of the single, plainly: “I wanted to write a song about being tired of relationships but also being lonely…”

And in that one sentence, each and every one of our individual thoughts and philosophies, reduce down to the crux of it all. The world is a lonely place. We’re an island of one, interacting with other islands, to make ‘ends meet’ for our emotional limitations.

But ultimately, it’s alright. For if we accept our faults and limitations, we’re half way there.

Love Coven’s single is a companion which won’t abandon you.

Unless you will it, or you’ve found true happiness.

Let’s try and get there, shall we?


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