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Love Coven – With Me

Hearts break. Hearts mend. Repeat. The love that we embrace at times are at the wrong times and with the wrong circumstances. And with that, it is possible to feel like you’ve been given a jail sentence, of silence and beckoning. We think LOVE COVEN delivers that time of confusion. You love and be loved, but if she’s with another, you’re just stuck. Maybe in that sense, an even harsher punishment than rejection. LOVE COVEN is a maker of drizzly 80’s coming-of-age love songs. “This is just a simple love song about wanting somebody who’s with someone else,” said LOVE COVEN, and in that sense we agree to the n-th degree. The simplicity in which the song carries through is a testament to the straight forward honesty of how we feel in this world. Complications happen, love falters, and with LOVE COVEN we’re reminded, not only the hurt, but of the upcoming new opportunities that will cross our paths. A song of positivity, to say the least. The song really warms our hearts.

Rose Hotel – Write Home

Off of the debut full-length record ‘I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes’, ROSE HOTEL paints you a beautifully constructed single named ‘Write Home’. Joni Mitchell and Emmylou Harris comes to mind as the vapors of Jordan Reynolds keeps the haunting moods alive throughout the line of this liquid single. The band sound of this decadent project, shimmers in the sunlight of prominence, as the trip to the 70’s is completed with each and every audible sheen of the lyrics, and tight formations. The new album features Atlanta Georgia based artists including member of Material Girls, Neighbor Lady, Shepherds, Karaoke, and Palm Sunday. Attending to the memories of never being in one place as she moved from one to another growing up, she binds those recollections of notions and contrast into this latest LP. From ‘crumbling relationships’ to ‘feeling of disorientation’, Jordan enhances through the forest and nestles in comfortably telling her own personal stories, in the hopes of embracing them and plus helping us realize our own hidden questions. Moving forward is what ROSE HOTEL’s ‘Write Home’ is about. One step back, rockets you 3 steps forward.

Jeramiah Red – Wandering

The ordinary is always extraordinary with JERAMIAH RED. The country-folk band of 5 musicians hail from the hills of Arkansas. And the band made up of Wes Dickson (vocals, guitar), Ian Cullen (lead guitar, vocals), Travis Ruiz (harmonica, percussion), Tim Miller (bass) and Garrison Giali (drums), have a habit of constructing, thrusting and compelling singles that hit with both poignancy and relevance. ‘Wandering’ is a story that is included in their self-titled new album. And from those audible pages, we hear the galant vocals of Wes, thriving and shining towards a future of possibilities. Those doors open with ‘Wandering’ and fire burns through like through impending lust. And we dig that, like no tomorrow.

boyhood. – Glass

boyhood. is the project of LA based singer-songwriter/producer AJ Jaramaz. He stated of the project: “It is inspired by the idea of reclaiming lost time and living more fully in the present.” And in ‘Glass’ you can palpably feel that exact sentiment from the get-go. The urgency and vibes of regrets intertwine in this dance of notes, where we become a part of the story. AJ added: “‘Glass’ is about the juxtaposition of different kinds of “home”. Places that we build for ourselves and choose to live in because they are safe and have resources vs. the places that we come from are important to us and large parts of our identity, but that are not safe or accepting. It’s about wanting to belong in / loving certain things about places and communities that don’t want you.” AJ cares. Even if some others don’t. His own desire is for happiness, even though perfect happiness really cannot exist. But that’s not the point of it all. AJ demands that we keep our attention for the good and for the betterment. Our heads and hearts are distracted and mislead, but that’s part of what should encourage each and every one of us to strive for that sliver of goodness. Because AJ thinks we all deserve that part of ‘paradise’. ‘Home’ is where the heart is. A chance to build that ‘home’ starts that process.

Divest – Be around

Off of their debut EP ‘No Hits Only Hats’, Oslo Norway based band DIVEST glorifies and embraces the world around them. This dream-pop gazy indie band comes at us with songs like ‘Be Around’ with the gumption that they will have us fall for the goodness of their music. The best part is that they are right in thinking so. Quick paced, in reality or in votable non-conformity, the being within this band, celebrates the aura of a certain feeling to another, with the brush of a quirk, brandishing shimmering guitars and equally shimmering vocal demonstrations. A combination of Brit-pop sensibilities mixed in with that unassailable Scandinavian architecture, the be all, end all of love and confounding interests of the heart, warms and tickles. The sense for pragmatism is insulated by the smiling and reassuring solitude of a person who cares for another. He, kissing her brows; she embracing his soul, the bodies of attitudes, summations and gallantry, crumble on top of each other’s simple needs for affection. ‘Be Around’ is that little peck on the cheek that we need, and always wanted.


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