Love Crumbs ‘Cavalcades’ : An irresistible production of classic and forward looking energies.

Love Crumbs

Hailing from Western and Central Massachusetts, the folk / rock music flow with an undeniable blue collar vibe and strength when Love Crumbs expound through their music.

“It was written following the death of George Floyd and the gaining momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s from the perspective of an observer who is recognizing that the movement is destined to succeed because of the indelible force of good…”

A beautifully sung vocals via Ali – galactic in expansion – the band, dangles possibilities and positivities through song and glance.

An irresistible production of classic and forward looking energies, ‘Cavalcades’ is a fabulous single from the fabulous project.

Look for more from Ali, Michael and Scott.


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