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Love Deluxe Shares ‘Campari & Coke’. “Favorite drink. Passion to stir.”

Australian artist LOVE DELUXE does it again with the release of his single ‘Campari & Coke’.

“Since starting this project,” said LOVE DELUXE, “I’ve always wanted to dedicate a song to my favourite drink, and when writing Campari in the studio, it came together much the same as the songs namesake. A few simple elements, mixed just right and voilà, you’re transported somewhere else in a heady daze. Like the drink, the song so a little kooky, a little bitter and a lot of fun. Drink it in”.


Makes perfect sense, really.

Off of his upcoming EP ‘Fata Morgana’ (drops August 2nd), it is a part of a 4 track ensemble that brings his experiences into sound wave friendly junctures. The other singles include: ‘Dance of the Lizard People’ as well as two others. ‘Parasio’ – a tribute to the paradise he saw at every sunset on a recent trip to France, and ‘Souvenir’ (featuring Japanese seminal act dip in the pool on vocals)

There’s plenty of love for the work outputs from LOVE DELUXE. They’re direct, affectionate, airy, and so much fun. And when you get down to it, that’s all that we really need to get us to that next weekend.



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