Love Ghost ‘Closure’ : Writing and striding into the sunset of love, loss, and possibilities.

Love Ghost

Love Ghost is a dynamic rock band with nostalgia in one pocket, and the future in the other. ‘Closure’ is another of their songs that invoke enthusiasm and fun in their mix.

Whether covers or originals, from emotive convulsions or calm – the gang from Love Ghost, steeps in excitement and vibes.

‘Closure’ “is a break-up song, it’s about drawing the line when enough is enough. It’s about being pushed to the limit by someone who just won’t back off. It’s the anger that comes with fresh heartbreak.”

Writing and striding into the sunset of love, loss, and possibilities, Love Ghost wins as they sing their rockin’ hearts out.

Love Ghost is an indie/alternative/hard rock band consisting of Finnegan Bell (guitar and vocals), Daniel Alcala (Guitar), Ryan Stevens (Bass and background vocals) Samson Young (drums and background vocals) and Cory Batchler (keyboards).


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