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LOVE JERKS Release Video for ‘Apocalyptic Make-out. “What The Heck?! Just Love It.”

Watch this video. Listen to the new single ‘Apocalyptic Make-Out’. No. It’s not like kissing your beloved on a date. No. It’s not like making out on that cliff, overlooking your small town.

Nope. It’s pop-punk filled to the brim in a pink and sprinkled lunch box.

LOVE JERKS is a combination of Bryan Garza (of Scissors for Lefty) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman (of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake). And yes. the band literally was born when the two fell in love with each other and wanted to with each other, forever and ever.

“This song is a love letter to 1980s suburban teenagers; exhausted from the threat of nuclear annihilation, but ever willing to plunge into a candy coated sunset” – Bryan.

“I know Bryan and I both proud to have back catalogs free of schmaltzy love songs, but there there’s one lyric Bryan wrote for Apocalyptic Make-out that might schmaltz up the catalog. He nearly melted my heart with his positive reframe of the world ending: “At least we’ll be together like sugar in a missile pop.” Lolz! This man is romantic at the cellular level!” – Rebecca Garza-Bortman.

On November 2nd, their album ‘Million Movies’ will drop and it’s a celebration, because it’s their debut publication.

The humor in their outputs are apparent, and is fresh in a ‘odd’ way. The oddness is where we dig it most, but in a deeper layer, the two are very much conventional in their song constructions. That’s not a detriment. That’s a thumbs up.

LOVE JERKS will throw a album release party (November 3rd) at THE MAKE-OUT ROOM in San Francisco. They promise an ‘over the top’ kind of party. Oh, that should be really fun. It’s kind of a follow-up to the duo’s rock opera wedding they’d had (when many of the upcoming album’s songs were debuted).

Oh, and they said you have to dance. For it’s will evolve into a ‘dance party’.



8/1 – San Francisco, CA – Cafe Du Nord
8/16 – Oakland, CA – The Uptown Nightclub
9/21 – San Francisco, CA – Balanced BreakFEST
11/3 – San Francisco, CA, United States – Make Out Room – Album Release Party


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