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Love Montage // Sadgasm // oio // Golden Vessel // Infinite Fade Out

Love Montage – She’s the One

“I wrote this song in my college dorm for my then-girlfriend back in 2016. It combines a melodic pop song structure with elements of garage rock and soul music. I affectionally refer to it as ‘Garage Pop’.” And you should. For this pop tune is gritty of the grandest kind, with witty lyrical work and property tax raising exhilarating harmonies to go with it. With Rolling Stones’ like vocal growl and nuances galore, LOVE MONTAGE likes us, the fans, to bop to the tunes in mesmerizing reverence. And we simply do.

Sadgasm – Surf Rock America

Why do we act like this on stage? Do you know why?? Because of you baby! It’s all about you! And my devotion to your beautiful human heart! Well, at least that’s what we would say if we were singing this distortion of a garage-bedroom rock single ‘Surf Rock America’. It’s the single off of the upcoming EP ‘I Don’t Like To Cry’. The self described emo-pop band, comes at us with something fabulous in this single, which easily made us think of confessing to our girlfriends. Of what about? Who cares. Let’s just listen to the purity of SADGASM’s body of work. The Salem, Oregon band plays pop music that is as tasty as a Pacific North wave.

oio – Burn it up

Sam Jones conducts his magic on oio. A project that is electro-pop, and it’s based in Louisville, KY. The fluid artistic makeup of the project is the main feature that is front and center. The dainty keys, to the DIY dream-scape vocals, the wrecking ball of a heart-felt drowning that you feel when listening to this single ‘Burn It Up’, gazes with no hindsight. It stares at you with a red pupiled menace. The taste of your musical blood comes alive, in a vapid and grazing fern filled green house effect. It’s creativity that surpasses.

Golden Vessel – MOONSTONE

GOLDEN VESSEL is not any equal. That common blood of indescency and innocence, mix with the breath of airy illustration in the new video for ‘Moonstone’ featuring Elkkle & Akurei. It’s a definite treat for the senses, with downbeat hippity-hops, and lyrical story telling that succumbs to nuggets in truths and speculation. “I started telling them about the stolen moonstones and then morphed it into a metaphor for a conversation we were having earlier about missed opportunities and when we or friends miss out on something that should’ve been in reach (and the frustration around that). The stolen moonstones became the missed opportunities and we all started writing.” New North American tour has been announced starting at Boston’s Sonia January 31st.

Infinite Fade Out – Andromeda

With just a thought and a glimpse of a story in his mind, INFINITE FADE OUT, released the calming effects of ‘Andromeda’. IFO is a solo endeavor of music and soundscapes and it’s the artist’s earnest break-out moment, in a personal capacity, into revealing his inner needs, wants, and emotions to the world. The Essex UK based artist states: “For many years I wanted (and tried) to write a novel but I found it required too much detail for me. That’s why I love song writing because within a song I only really suggest a loose scenario and the music helps the fill in the gaps.” With singer Gina Ellen collaborating in some of IFO’s songs, the project is a journey of personal introspection.


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