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Love Tapes – b a b y

Justin Lombardo is Love Tapes and its first debut single is ‘b a b y’. It’s an amalgam of sounds, noises, suggestions, innuendos, tension, no-tension, silliness – a cacophony circus that doesn’t seem to take itself seriously – but does. Weird huh?

The New Jersey native is on the right road. The production is proper and sophisticated. Normally, we at CHF, don’t comment on the final production value, but Justin’s got that touch, and we dig it.

It’s hard producing and kickin’ it, in New Jersey.

But seems that doesn’t stop him at all – chillin’, making beats, experimenting, making ‘bearable’ sounds for our musical senses.

We’re not sure which direction he’s off to – meaning, how deep he will progress with the number of output songs, but we’ll keep an eye.

Lastly, seems he’s in love, or in deep lust at the moment with his music and via, his gal partner. That is a significant point for his music, and lyrics, we thinks.

We say keep it up and keep on, keepin’ on.

Why the fu*k not, right?

Not too much information to share on Justin and future projects, but below are his related links.

Lets hope we hear more and more from Justin!

Bandcamp (Fakeblood)
Bandcamp (Love Tapes)


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