Love You Later ‘Halfhearted Lover’ : And there is a time when enough is enough.

Love You Later

Dream pop artist, Love You Later, based in Nashville, helps you to awake from a self-induced trance of non-reality and suppositions about the other.

“I came up with the term ‘Halfhearted Lover’ to describe this someone who is half in / half out of a relationship,” said Love You Later. “They’re not fully engaged but sometimes it feels like maybe “this time” they are usually because of their selfish ways or because they expect the same attention in return.”

“Feeling cheated, lied to, and feeling like I’m the only one that wanted to be truly in love” is the manifestation of frustrations and malignant distractions that led you to this road.

And there is a time when enough is enough.

“I’m taking a stand for any other girls he has and will hurt. And word is on the street is I’m not the only one who says he’s a ‘Halfhearted Lover’…”

A fabulous production, Love You Later’s effervescent vocals and intuitive pop sensibilities, help us listeners to dive in, when things in the real world, just don’t feel it’s going the way it’s supposed to be.

Glad Love You Later is here.


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